Episode 39

You Ungrateful Piece of Sh!t

Published on: 2nd March, 2020

Sometimes you just want more.....

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About the Podcast

Just Launch
In Sales and in Life there are lessons - Let's talk about them!
Every day we face obstacles, hurdles, or challenges. Choices need to be made to overcome and succeed.

No matter how good life is today or how much better you want it to be - You have the power and strength to reach another level.

Inspiration, life lessons, stories of hilarious failures, and a passion for becoming the best version of ourselves. This is what the Just Launch podcast brings.

Inside of you is something unique, something special. Your goals, your dreams, your happiness, and your passions can be yours. You need to stop waiting and Just Launch yourself forward.

We are here you partner with you on your journey towards the stars.

Let's Launch Together!
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Shawn Channell

Shawn Channell spent a decade struggling as a small business owner and salesperson. After two unsuccessful attempts with his own companies, there were disappointing outcomes as a Realtor, in car sales, and even in door-to-door sales.

Despite investing in books, multiple pieces of training, and coaching, Shawn discovered that most “sales trainers” are just naturally good at sales and don’t understand the challenges of someone who isn’t.

Finally, something clicked. Theory and sales tricks weren’t the answer. So he created a step-by-step strategy to approach clients that focused on understanding their goals, challenges, and expectations. This gave him the formula to strengthen his communication skills and provide real value to his clients. This was the beginning of his Strategic Communication sales program.

For the past seventeen years, Shawn has been coaching and training salespeople and business leaders to produce real-world results. The people he works with add clients, grow their business, and their bank accounts. He provides business leaders with the skills to build sales teams that achieve quota, increase profit, and outgrow the competition.